Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hypersonic BrahMos to be inducted in Indian army in five years

Hypersonic BrahMos Version-2 Cruise Missile, an improved version of Indo-Russian joint venture will be inducted in the Indian army during the next fives years.

Media reports quoting a top defence official in Thiruvananthapuram, state capital of Kerala said the Hypersonic BrahMos Version-2 Cruise Missile is in the process of development at present.

Chief Controller of Defence Research organization (DRDO) and Brahmos Aerospace Corporation CEO A Sivathanu Pillai was talking to mediapersons on the eve of the BrahMos Aerospace Corporation, an Indo-Russia joint venture, taking over the state run-Kerala Hightech Industries Ltd. in Kerala.

This first defence production unit in the state would be a major centre for production of components and integration of the supersonic missile system, he said.

“The full-fledged BrahMos complex will be ready for production and assembling in two to three years time,” he said and added “a lot of orders have come for the missile both from Army and Navy, and with an objective to enlarge its production capacity the BrahMos aerospace have decided to have a second production unit here, other than in Hyderabad. “

The company has the plans to export such missiles. “The decision to select the country for export will be taken jointly by India and Russia,” Pillai said. Referring to the developing of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile programme (ICBM), Pillai said the company has no immediate plans for that. “We are in the process of developing a missile for air-force.”

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