Monday, January 21, 2008

India Announces Successful Launching Of Israeli Spy Satellite

India announced on Monday it had successfully launched an Israeli satellite overnight Sunday. Both Indian and Israeli space engineers were present at the launching of the TecSar synthetic aperture reconnaissance satellite, Israel's most advanced satellite yet.

The satellite was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and some 80 minutes after launching the TecSar began transmitting signals. The satellite that weighs just under 300 kilograms has the ability to create images of objects on the earth day or night,and is not affected by cloudy weather conditions. According to reports, the TecSar satellite is capable of imaging with a resolution of up to 10 centimeters.

According to reports, a decision to conduct the launching from India was decided several years ago during a visit by former Defense Ministry director general Amos Yaron.

The launching is just one more component in the ever increasing cooperation between Israel and India, and there are plans to launch at least two more satellites in the future. The launch of TecSar was the first launch of an Israeli satellite aboard an Indian missile.

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