Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DRDO ready to make any weapon within 4-7 years

The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), which is ready to launch underwater missile, is confident of catering to India's defence requirements and ready to make any weapon in a short time.

The advances made by the organisation, and the lessons that it had learnt in the recent past, has equipped it with the knowledge and sophistication to develop and manufacture modern weaponry.

"The DRDO requires minimum four years and maximum seven years to manufacture a new weapon for the armed forces," said Dr. Prahlada, DRDO's Chief Controller (R and D).

Speaking exclusively to Asian News International (ANI) on the sidelines of the DEFEXPO-08, he emphasised that in order to cater to the future defence needs for which more sophisticated and integrated weapons would be required, the DRDO is ready to provide the new weapons in shortest possible time.

"In today's world velocity of technology is high and more types of weapons are required with quicker delivery time," Dr. Prahlada said.

The DRDO is preparing to handle futuristic research by going for collaborative research with its partners and forming joint ventures to develop new weapons systems, he added.

Dr. Prahlada said that the focus of the DRDO would be to concentrate on the development of frontal technology and weapons, to supplement those, which are being manufactured by the Indian defence industry.

"The DRDO wants to concentrate on high end research and development which is strategic in nature in order to meet the demands of the armed forces in a better way," he added.

Talking about weapons systems, which the DRDO will provide to the services in next five years, Dr. Prahlada said that Astra (air-to-air missile) and Air Defence System are ready.

New sonars, heavyweight torpedo, improved Nishant and Lakshya, Radars for all the three services, ground borne and air borne surveillance radar, remotely operated underwater vehicle, heavy torpedo and Aerosat would be ready in next five years, he said.

Dr. Prahlada added that lot of new generation electronic warfare systems -- airborne, ship-borne and helicopter borne -- will be ready soon.

He said that the DRDO has played a vital role in providing strategic defence to India.

The DRDO will be offering Arjun Mark-II the improved version of the main battle tank Arjun to the Army.

He said the focus of the organisation will be to develop satellite based, communication based equipments.

The DRDO is already working on a submarine-launched version of Agni-III, which is to be followed by the Agni-III-plus missile with a strike range of 5,000km, he said.

"If the government wants it, we can extend the range of the Agni-III missile. We have the capability and technology," said Dr. Prahlada.

Speaking of the business enquiries about the DRDO's products during the ongoing DEFEXPO, Dr. Prahlada said many countries have enquired about our products and Indian Government has given the go ahead for exports after meeting the domestic requirements.

"The visitors showed keen interest in small arms, Akash and Nag missiles, modular bridges, short and medium range radars," he added. (ANI)

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