Friday, May 23, 2008

India test-fires Prithvi missile

India Friday successfully test-fired its 150-250 km range surface-to-surface Prithvi missile from the integrated test range at Chandipur, the NDTV reported

    The Prithvi missile, which is 8.56-meter-long and one-meter-thick, can carry a payload of 1,000 kg explosives. It was test-fired as part of a user's trial by the Indian Army.

    The missile, developed by the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), has already been inducted in the Indian Army.

    Mounted on a mobile tatra transporter-erector launcher, the sophisticated missile took off vertically and plunged into the pre-designated splash-down point in the Bay of Bengal, the TV quoted Indian defense sources as saying.

    Powered by liquid propellant, Prithvi can operate with both liquid and solid fuel. It has a launch weight of 4.6 tons, which included payload of one ton. This variant of the missile could take just 300 seconds to reach the target located at a distance of 150 kilometers.

    The main use of this variant of Prithvi would be in destroying troop concentration, crippling air bases and striking at large static installations and headquarters when required.

    The first test of the missile was conducted on February 22, 1988 at Sriharikota in Andhra of the country while the last was conducted from Chandipur on May 9 last year.

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