Monday, July 20, 2009

ISRO plans manned flights to space by 2015

ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair on Sunday said the technical glitch on India's first moon mission (which has been rectified later) would not affect the country's future space missions.
Asked if the problem would dampen India's future space missions especially when it is planning to send Chandrayaan-II, Nair said, "Not at all."
Star sensor, a critical instrument on board India's only satellite orbiting the moon, failed on May 16 due to overheating and cast doubts on completion of the two-year mission launched on October 22 last year.
In an interview to a TV channel, the ISRO chief said the organisation is planning to send the first manned flight around 2015.
"There would be two men in human capsule on a seven-day mission. It will be launched from Sriharikota," he said.
On sending an Indian to moon, Nair said, "At the moment we don't have such plan."

But he strongly favoured a manned mission to moon by India, saying the US and China have declared they would like to have their men on the lunar surface by 2020.
"I do not know whether we can afford to lagging behind in that," the ISRO chairman said.
"Superiority of a nation depends on technology. Space is where the highest level of technology is being demonstrated. Today, I can say we are on par with developed nations as far as technology is concerned," Nair said.

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