Saturday, August 1, 2009

BrahMos Block-II Land Attack version ready for induction after test firing

Jaisalmer: The Block-II version of the BrahMos land attack cruise missile successfully completed its fourth and final test firing on Wednesday and has now been declared ready for induction. In a test firing at the Pokhran test range in Rajasthan, the missile went on to score a "bull's eye" hit on a target 25km away on Wednesday.

The previous test-firing of the Block-II land attack version took place 29 March 2009.

"The missile took off successfully and hit the desired target at Ajasar area range situated 25 km away from launching pad, meeting all mission parameters," defence sources said.

The missile had failed its first test firing, leading to a second test in short order which was a success.

"With this launch, the requirement of Army for the land attack version with Block-II advanced seeker software with target discriminating capabilities has been fully met and this version is ready for induction," defence sources said.

The Block-II version with sophisticated target discriminating software will provide enhanced capabilities to the army, allowing it to select a particular land target among a group of targets.

The launch was witnessed by director general, artillery, Lt Gen KR Rao, along with DRDO officials and other senior army officers. Some other senior scientists were also present during the launch.

The Army has already inducted the earlier land attack version of the BrahMos, with the first battery entering service in June 2007. Each battery is equipped with four mobile launchers mounted on a heavy 12x12 Tatra transporters.

The missile, which takes its name from the Brahmaputra and Moskva rivers, has a range of 290-km and carries a 300 kg conventional warhead. The BrahMos is unique in being the only supersonic cruise missile in the world.

The missile generates speeds of up to 2.8 Mach, or nearly three times, the speed of sound.

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