Friday, February 5, 2010

ISRO for India's indigenous satellite for mobiles communication by 2011

ISRO is planning to launch India's indigenous satellite for mobiles communication by 2011. Satellite phones or ‘sat phones’ are very much useful and popular in remote places in which terrestrial cellular service are not available. People can use satphone without using cellular broadcasting tower. All they need to use the satellite phone is a clear line to the sky by that the users can attend the calls from anywhere. For instance, the users can operate satellite phones either in the core of desert Sahara or at the depth of thick South African Jungle or at the top of Mount Everest. In short, satphones deliver a stable communication both in air and in sea.
So far India is not owning satellite and the Indians are getting access for the

ir satellite phones only from foreign satellite services. Last Monday (1st February 2010) a senior space scientist from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said that they are under the process of building a high-beam antenna in order to fix that on a broad communication satellite with S-band transponder.
ISRO planning to launch this satellite next year and once they launched the satellite service in India, the satellite will start providing its own signals that can be connected with handheld satphones.
Currently India is getting satellite service help from International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT) but soon after the launch of new Indian satellite the country will become one of the main operators in the use of satellite phones and that will give way to reduce the costs of satellite phone services, according to G. Madhavan Nair, who is the former Indian Space Agency Chairman.
A question was raised about the weapons used in the space program at the inauguration of two-day semicon summit, which was organized by Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). Nair replied the question by telling that they are taking good cadences to guard country’s space assets and in their policy they have declared that they use the space assets only for peaceful purposes.
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