Thursday, June 3, 2010

First flight of Tejas aircraft LSP-4

First flight of Tejas aircraft LSP-4

Tejas aircraft LSP-4 launched itsfirst flight today at a supersonic speed of 1.1 mach that left behind a significant milestone in the aircraft industry. The aircraft of this limited series departed at 1110 hours from HAL’s airport at Bangalore. It landed after a supersonic fly in the air for 40 minutes.

The IAF will finally take control of this aircraft that will be delivered to them in December this year.

The director of aeronautical development agency, P Subramanya said that this launch was a major bench mark for the LSP after the maiden flight flew with supersonic speed.

In order to prove the capabilities of the combat aircraft, DRDO intends to build eight more LSPs under the LCA program.

"The aircraft took off at 1110 hours and landed 40 minutes later. The Test Pilot, Group Captain Suneet Krishna, flew the aircraft to an attitude of 11 kms and went supersonic, touching 1.1 Mach speed," the defense ministry officials said.

Subramanya added that the next step would be to trial the aircraft out in hot weather conditions so the aircraft will now be flown to central India.

The scientists that were involved in the development of the flight included the seniors from ADA, the aeronautical development establishment and also the national aerospace laboratory.

This program was being worked upon from the 80’s by the DRDO which now plans on getting the required IOC (initial operational clearance) for Tejas. DRDO also aims at getting this clearance by the year 2011, and apply for the final operational clearance that it intends to receive by 2012. the final induction of the aircraft into the IAF is worked upon aiming at making the aircraft ready as early as 2012.