Friday, August 20, 2010

India may export BrahMos

Once the Indian defence requirements are met, India may look for exporting the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. This was told by the Defense Minister A.K. Antony said in a written response to a question in the Parliament. The agrement between India anad Russia on the Brahmos allows the foriegn sale. The two countries have signed an agreement on the missile, which has been approved by the Indo-Russian Inter-Governmental Commission for Military Technical Cooperation.

Several countries have shown an interest, he said, but no decisions have been made about who the customers would be or when the BrahMos will be available for export. The move already has the approval of the Indo-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Military Technical Cooperation for Export.

The BrahMos missile could become one of India’s major contributions to the world arms export market between 2010-2020. The system is superior to other available platforms on three counts: The speed, touching almost 3 Mach, its modular design which allows modifications for launch from virtually any platform, and the affordable price. Now BrahMos intends to take a next higher step and would be developing hypersonic cruise missiles capable of Mach 5 to Mach 7.
While there were reports that more than 10 states have already evinced interest in purchasing this missile, further details were unavailable.

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