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Chandrayaan found water on moon, NASA confirms

In a major announcement relating to India's moon mission - Chandrayaan-1, NASA has confirmed the discovery of water on the moon by Chandrayaan-1. This was announced by Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope, one of the most powerful space observatories in the world, The Chandra Altitudunal Composition Explorer (CHACE) on the night of November 14, 2008 made the dicovery. The CHACE was one of the three instruments on board Chandrayaan-1's indigenous Moon Impact Probe (MIP), which was dropped on to the Moon surface. The HST was launched in 1990 by Nasa space shuttle Discovery. HST's confirmation was announced recently by the American Astronomical Society which was made public on Saturday. It is a major boost to India's space programme. Referring to the AAS endorsement, Tirtha Pratim Das, a scientist who was a part of the CHACE project, said in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centres internal journal 'Voyage' : "The CHACE experiment on board the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) in Ch…

Development of Prospective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF) launched

The Russian aircraft manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is entering a new era of cooperation with India, with the launching of the development of Prospective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF).  Embarked December 2010 by UAC, Irkut and HAL, it was inaugurated in a press conference held at Aero-India 2011. Mikhail Pogosyan, recently nominated the new general director of UAC presented his view of the evolving cooperation between the two countries.“The 5th Generation fighter is a most important step for the future relationship of the two countries’ said Pogosyan. The Russian T50 providing the basis for FGFA has already performed 40 flights and is undergoing ground testing,  using three test articles, undergoing various static ground tests. Two additional T50 prototypes will join the test unit this year, accelerating the development progress. Pogosyan expects the program to complete the first phase next year. He assured that the Indian concern for sharing technology in the program was w…

ISRO-NASA Moon mission announced

Space commission have announced a Indo-US joint moon mission. The commission gave ISRO the go-ahead to partner with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the US, which has sent missions to Mars and Venus, for the project. The mission called Moonrise is slated for launch in 2016 and now it's for NASA to take the final call on the proposal. ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan said the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has invited proposals under its New Frontiers Programme announced in 2009. He said the proposal was an outcome of India-US cooperation announced during the visit of President Barack Obama to India last year.As per the cooperation agreement, ISRO will send a satellite to orbit around the moon to transmit data to control centers from the robotic rover JPL plans to send to the lunar surface.NDTV News

Eighth India Aero Show (Intro Video)

The 8th Aero India air show kicks off with some of biggest, fastest and deadliest aircraft on display. Once again, it's the Indian air force's multi-billion dollar fighter deal that's the focus of the show.