Saturday, January 16, 2010

India secretly counters Chinese successful Anti Ballistsic Missile test

According to souurces close to Indian military defense reserach institute (it is no longer DRDO at Pune, the secret advanced organization is fully classified), India is ahead of Chinese missile technologies in stealth, target precision management, and algorithmic evasion.

The recent ABM test in China was closely followed by Indian top military space scientists. It actually exposed China's weakness and vulnerability. It also brought smiles among the Indian scientists and engineers because if this is what Chinese could perform to scare the Americans, then China has really to worry about Indian capabilities. India has two sets of program. One is open and the other is secret. The open specs are far behind the real specs. The open program boasts Prithvi Air Defense anti-ballistic missile interceptor. Last year, India showed the world how Prithvi Air Defense anti-ballistic missile interceptor achieved all the mission objectives. The two-stage interceptor missile fitted with advanced systems hit the target enemy missile at 75 kilometers (47 miles) altitude. But India does not talk about its secret program that far exceeds Prthvi's capabilities.

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